What Fades Away

[V.O. Nova] 1

You might think I’d be used to it all by now. Ghouls and blood dolls and broken people just looking for a way to feel something. That’s just the way it is for us creatures of the night, innit? Not always gonna be a nice easy fast food joint around the corner, is there. But I can’t help it, it gives me the willies. Like boffing an inflatable chair or something. You feel that good, you want somebody feeling it with you, not staring off into space or begging for a fix.

I’ve been thinking about this investigation thing and you know what? Bugger the Prince and his little circle jerk with the Carthians, I’ll solve this murder and bring him a bloody head on a pike, that’s what I’ll do. They’ll be offering me membership in every covenant in the book then. Maybe even a secret society or something. Kiss my ring and bow, underlings! That’s right, it’s QUEEN Nova now, thank you very much. Not that I fancy mansions and that, really. Who wants that many windows to cover up? Spend half my tips on drapes, no bloody thanks. Maybe just the title’d be nice though. God save the queen, ha!

Alex thinks I’m royally screwed. Yeah, I’ll show him, all right. How hard could it be, anyway? Beat the snot out of a few singing birds, let the Beast out a little, maybe eat a police officer, nothing to it. I’ll have this thing wrapped up in no time.

Think I’ll go see Summer tonight. Got a few more hours til dawn, missed the good hours on mic, might as well.


Oh, how I’ve missed the V.O.s!

[V.O. Nova] 1

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