What Fades Away

Claire's Journal - Five

Just me and you now, Nutmeg

Confession One

I feel better knowing Dani is safe with the wolves. I feel…less safe…but I also don’t have to worry about looking after her or that she’d – sorry Spanish – fuck things up. She’d…probably be pretty pissed if she knew how easily I gave up her freedom.

Confession Two

It was both terrifying and cool as shit to see a vampire and werewolf go at it. If not for the fact we were in danger, I would’ve wanted to sit and watch.

Confession Three

It’s fucking lonely here with just the cat. But at least he doesn’t try to get me to eat salad once a week.

I’m trusting Jake. And weird enough but he strikes me as trustworthy. Dani wasn’t wrong – we’ve got more in common than I’d like to admit. But I think I really spooked him and I’m glad for that. At least I had one card up my sleeve.

That Nova chick was…well, to be charitable I’d say that at least she tried. She was nice enough; nicer than I expected a vamp who blackmailed and threatened my girlfriend to be. If she hadn’t been so annoying, I could have even counted her as “an acquaintance I would be sad to see die.” But if it’s her or me then that’s the easiest fucking choice I’d ever have to make.

But seeing those two fight, while thrilling and terrifying, was pretty humbling too. A reminder that I am completely and totally out of my fucking depth.



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