What Fades Away

Nova - Summer Nights

Nova: I figure after Nova left the Full Moon she headed over to Summer’s, maybe after prowling around for a while, though she hasn’t fed again since the detective. I’m thinking it’s probably a little too close to dawn to be doing this, but she’s doing it anyway.
And yes, it’s probably like 4 am. Summer’s probably used to getting woken up by a knock on the door in the middle of the night, though to be fair, she works an evening shift anyway.
What area does Summer live in, what’s her place look like?
Jessica (GM): Her place isn’t so bad, really— nicer than yours, anyway.
She rents a little one bedroom house out in Bartlett.
Nova: Suburb? Or just a neighborhood?
Jessica (GM): Not high enough end to be suburban, no, just a neighborhood near a Walmart.
Nova: Walmart’s actually not a bad hunting place, follow people out to their cars after they went there to hang out some Thursday night…but not tonight.
Jessica (GM): Road’s half-wooded despite being well inside city limits— urban sprawl means something else down here.
(mostly “how physically far can we spread all our shit out”)
Nova feels a little jumpier around all these trees than usual, remembering what Daniela said about a werewolf. She’d handled the conversation at the bar fine, it’s not so hard to slip a veneer of civilization over things, is it? But after an hour or two to think about it, she doesn’t feel all that civilized.
Nova knocks on Summer’s door with less laid-back rhythm than usual.
Jessica (GM): Summer swings open the door not too long after— still up, looks like, drink in hand.
Summer Carmichael: “Oh hey! Didn’t figure I’d see you tonight.”
Nova: “I had to come.” She just kinda barges in, walking past Summer into the house.
Summer Carmichael: She steps back from the door. “I totally invite you in, of course.”
“Ah, it’s less funny when you skip ahead.”
Nova: "Oh, uh…sorry."
Summer Carmichael: She shakes her head, chuckling as she closes the door behind you.
Her place is decently kept, if a bit sparse.
Nova paces around the room, looking like a prowling cat, instead of sitting down.
Summer Carmichael: "Just having a nightcap. Dawncap? I dunno."
“…You okay?”
Nova: "I ripped a man apart into bloody pieces a few hours ago, so not really."
“And that’s not slang, I mean that literally.”
Summer Carmichael: "…" She sets her drink down on the side table.
“I’m sure he must’ve deserved it. Yeah?”
Nova: "Who knows. I doubt it. He was just a greedy little dick. …I mean detective, not…" She shakes her head.
“No, I was just looking to beat some answers out of him, scare him off.”
“But he shot me.”
Summer Carmichael: "…You look alright." She rubs the back of her neck.
Nova: "Well, yeah. Vampire, hello." She pulls off her jacket, though, and Summer can see the bullet wounds still, where the metal bits are lodged in her shoulder and just under her collarbone.
“But it hurt like hell, and I’d just drawn blood, and…I just…lost it.”
Summer Carmichael: "…That happen before?" She pushes some clothes off a chair, motioning you towards it.
“Losing control, like. Like bloodlust or something?”
Nova stalks over to the chair and slumps into it.
Nova: "…yeah."
“Happens to me more than some others, too. It’s a…thing. A bloodline thing.”
Summer Carmichael: "…Sounds rough."
“Guess it’s not all staying pretty forever and striking cool poses in the moonlight, huh.”
Nova: "Ha. If you’re a Daeva, maybe."
Summer Carmichael: "Oh those are the uh."
“West Hollywood-y vampires, right? I swear I remember this.”
Nova: "Y’know, like those women with all the lipstick in Dracula movies. You got a pair of tweezers or something?"
Summer Carmichael: "Huh? Oh, yeah, probably."
She heads over to the kitchen, digging around in a drawer.
Nova: "…I can still feel it, Summer." While she’s rummaging around. “I feel it, in me. The Beast.”
“Like I’m just the wrapping and the real gift’s gonna claw its way right out.”
Summer Carmichael: She stops, a moment.
“But you… you’ve got a handle on it, yeah?”
“Right now, I mean.”
Nova: "…yeah. Long as you’re not planning to stab me or anything."
“I just…”
Nova looks down at her hands. Clean, now.
Nova: "Sometimes I feel like just a dead shell, with a monster in it."
Summer Carmichael: Summer takes awhile coming back to you with the tweezers— sets them down on an end table beside you before returning to her own chair.
“You don’t… seem that way.”
“I mean, you tell me things, sometimes. Like… like this, but.”
“You’ve never been like that around me.”
Nova: "Oh yeah? Watch this."
Summer Carmichael: She tenses.
Nova picks up the tweezers, yanks out the bullets, drops them one by one on the end table. Then in seconds, the wounds just…close up, like they were never there in the first place. (Spending 2 Vitae to heal 4 bashing.)
Summer Carmichael: She takes a breath, after a moment. “…Nah, that mostly qualifies as ‘cool superpowers’.”
Nova: "Rrrrgh." She thrusts her arm out toward Summer’s chair, holding it out wrist-up. “Go ahead, feel it.”
Summer Carmichael: She’ll do as she’s asked.
Nova: "You feel a pulse in there?"
She doesn’t, of course.
Summer Carmichael: "Mostly noticing that you’re like, super toned, honestly."
“If the gyms knew your secret we’d have a city full of bodybuilding vampires.”
Nova: "Pff." A halfhearted attempt at a chuckle.
Summer Carmichael: "But I mean, that’s the trade-off, you know? You’re super strong, and you’re never going to get old or die."
“So you’ve got to wrestle with this… curse part.”
“But I’m sure you feel bad about it, I bet it doesn’t even happen again.”
Nova: She runs both hands through her long dark hair, making a mess of it. She’s never really been like this before, with Summer. She’s usually casual and cool and rebellious.
Summer Carmichael: "…Seems like an okay deal to me."
Nova: "You have no idea what I am. I have no idea what I am."
“Just a crispy shell for the Beast to crack open?”
“Am I even still in here anymore?”
Summer Carmichael: "Uh… yeah? Duh."
“I don’t think beasts or whatever are good guitarists.”
Nova: "…what if I didn’t feel bad about it?"
“What if I didn’t feel a bloody thing, because feelings are all just a lie?”
Summer Carmichael: "…Of course you do." She cuts you off.
“Of course you feel bad about it.”
“You’re a person.”
Nova runs her tongue over her teeth, looking at Summer. God, she smells so good.
Nova: "Is that what you want? You want me to be just like you, like a living breathing person?"
“I could, you know.”
Summer Carmichael: "What? I mean, I…" She shakes her head.
“You’re confusing me.”
“Just be… Nova.”
“I know you.”
Nova stands and comes over to her chair, offering a hand to pull her up.
Summer Carmichael: She takes it.
Is she nervous…? No. Nah.
She’s your friend.
Nova pulls her to standing, then puts her hand over the place where her heart would be beating, if it did that. Slightly cold, her skin under her tank top. Still as a rock.
Nova looks her in the eye.
Spending a Vitae for Blush of Life.
Summer Carmichael: "—Oh!"
Nova: Abruptly, her heart beats, her skin warms.
“Now I’m a person, right? The pretending is enough, is it?"
Summer Carmichael: "…You were a person when I met you, too."
“You’re…” She pulls back.
“…Look, it’s late. Sun will be up soon.”
Nova grips her hand, tighter.
Summer Carmichael: "You’re—"
Nova: Holding it in place over her beating heart, grabbing Summer’s arm with her other hand.
“Is it enough? Am I a person now?" Her voice quivers, with anger or on the verge of tears, or both.
Summer Carmichael: Her voice is small, when it comes again.
“…What do you want me to say?”
Nova stares up at her. “I don’t know.”
Summer Carmichael: She looks down.
“…Sun will be up soon.”
Nova feels Summer’s pulse against her hand, suddenly aware that she’s starting to get a little hungry again.
Nova: "…yeah, you…you don’t want me here." She lets go of her and turns away, walking over to grab her jacket.
Summer Carmichael: "Just… call, tomorrow, maybe? We can hang out."
“Do something fun.”
Nova: "…not tomorrow. I got to see a dog about a man." She chuckles a little at her own joke.
“And then Elysium.”
“Maybe after that, if the Prince doesn’t have me for dinner.”
Summer Carmichael: She nods.
“Okay. You… you know where to find me.”
Nova: "Yeah. Night."
Nova slings her jacket over her shoulder and heads out into what’s left of the night, leaving two bullets with already-dried blood on the end table.



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