Hierarch of the Memphis Consilium


Somewhere in his 40s, Ahriman is an Obrimos, a Libra, and enjoys long walks on the beach and what he calls “pursuit of the perfect mystical state of freedom.”

He is hierarch of the Memphis Consilium – a position he’s held since 2008 – mostly by default, as a member of the relatively populous and popular Free Council enclave based in the Germantown area of Memphis. While some – mostly abroad – have called for him to reform Memphis into a Free Assembly, he’s stuck to the more traditional Consilium style of government, claiming that ‘all methods of government are imperfect, so why spend time thinking about them?’

His touch as hierarch is, as one might expect, extremely light, with a laissez-faire take on “governance” — his Consilium only steps in when Paradox is part of the equation.


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