Bahram Everly

Mekhet Primogen and Ordo Dracul Elder


A well-regarded vampire historian and scientist – both within the Ordo Dracul and in the sciences of the Kine – Everly has been a quiet part of Memphis life for more than seventy years. Unlike many of his brethren, Everly seems fascinated with modern technology and is well-versed in cutting-edge sciences.

Was named Primogen for the Mekhet Clan in 1996, due to a long career in which he had – somewhat remarkably – failed to make any real enemies.

Survived the fall of Prince Masterson, but his own position in the new Memphis remains uncertain— he wants to make a place for the Prince’s seat, but with things in such chaos, whether such is even possible remains very much uncertain.

Bahram Everly

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