Calvin Tepes

Former priest of Irem, now Security Mogul


The First Turn: Walked in Dreams, lost in a Lie.
The Second Turn: Denied the Truth, lost wholly to a Lie.
The Third Turn: Heard for the first time whispers of the Truth. Came to preach for it, though he knew not its true name.
The Fourth Turn: Destroyed the father of lies, embraced the Truth.

Tried to kill Trikephalos repeatedly in the lead-up to their descent into the timeline of the Prince of 100,000 Leaves.

In the timeline resultant from the mages’ destruction of the Prince, it seems that Kahotep took a different path. Now going by the name of Calvin Tepes, he runs Pyramid Security, an international PMC that runs military and civilian security operations on behalf of the United States government all over the world.

His company has collected a variety of powerful artifacts, and runs a dig site at Guantanamo Bay dedicated to the study of the Furies.

Calvin Tepes

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