Nova Blackwood

Gangrel merc and newcomer to the Memphis Domain


Current Conditions
Jaded – eschew mortal society and only act to better yourself; rolls to resist frenzy are capped by Humanity, you can’t spend WP to hold back frenzy (but you can still ride the wave). Resolve w/ meaningful interaction with a Touchstone.

Time until Languid kicks in w/out new Touchstone: 3 weeks

Physical: Strength 4, Dex 2, Stamina 4 +1 (Resilience)
Social: Presence 3, Manip 2, Composure 1
Mental: Int 1, Wits 3, Resolve 3

Physical (-1 unskilled): Athletics 3 (Sprinting +1), Brawl 4 (Unfavorable Odds +1), Drive 1, Firearms 0, Larceny 0, Stealth 1, Survival 1, Weaponry 1
Social (-1 unskilled): Animal Ken 1, Empathy 1, Expression 2 (Guitar +1), Intimidation 1, Persuasion 1, Socialize 0, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 0
Mental (-3 unskilled): Academics 1, Computer 0, Crafts 0, Investigation 0, Medicine 1, Occult 2, Politics 0, Science 0

Add 2 (BP) to all rolls to use senses; gain Obsession that lasts nights = successes on roll if you get exceptional success
- 1 to rolls to interact w/ regular humans

Common Rolls
Taste of Blood (Wits + Composure): 4 dice
Invoking the Monstrous Beast (Strength + BP): 6 dice 8-again
Invoking the Seductive Beast (Presence + BP): 5 dice no 10-again
Invoking the Competitive Beast (Int + BP): 3 dice no 10-again
Resist Daysleep (Stam + Resolve): 7 dice
Detecting Blood Sympathy (Wits + BP): 5 dice + sympathy modifier
Resist Frenzy (Resolve + Composure): 4 dice
Resist Detachment: 4 dice (2 w/out Touchstone)

Other Options

  • Blush of Life (spend 1 Vitae to seem alive)
  • Kindred Senses (no darkness penalties except -2 in total darkness when vision is required; can hear heartbeats at 6yds (3 per BP); can smell blood at 20yds (10 per BP) without rolling; add 2 (BP) to rolls to track humans by scent if you’ve tasted their blood; if any of these apply, add 2 (BP) to rolls to detect hidden people or details by traces of blood)
  • Physical Intensity (spend 1 Vitae to gain + 2 to rolls w/ Str, Dex or Stam for the turn; increases resistances but not derived traits)
  • Healing (spend 1 Vitae to heal 2B or 1L, instant action; spend 5 Vitae & full day’s sleep to heal 1A)

Defense: 5 (Dex + Athletics)
Armor: 0 (see Resilience)
Health: 10 (Stam + 5 + Resilience)
Initiative: +6 (Dex + Composure + Merit) (penalty depending on weapon)
Speed: 11 (Str + Dex + 5)
Willpower: 4/4 (Resolve + Composure)
Humanity: 5
Vitae: 11/11 (can spend 2 per turn)
Blood Potency: 2
Banes: Sunlight (1L every ten minutes); Invitation (if you enter a private dwelling uninvited, take 5 (10 – Humanity) bashing dmg; can’t heal it while inside)

Breaking points that no longer risk detachment: killing your Touchstone

Protean 1 – Unmarked Grave
Cost: 0 for soil or earth; Vitae = Durability for other materials
Requirement: hiding place must be at least your Size
Dice Pool: None
Action: Instant
Duration: Indefinite
Sink into the ground, become immune to most dangers; can stay conscious if you want; can sense the ground just above you, Kindred senses still work; can still sense predatory aura but can’t be forced into fight-or-flight; can absorb blood or Vitae spilled on the ground, can’t result in blood bond (too diluted). Only way to harm you is to destroy your haven; you take 1B for each point of damage the haven takes. Can’t stay under once you take lethal.

Protean 2 – Predatory Aspect
Cost: 1 Vitae
Dice Pool: None
Action: Reflexive
Duration: Scene
Manifest any or all of the following: Claws (1L Brawl weapons); Quadripedal (+4 Speed, double all jump distances); Catlike Grace (reduce falls by 10 effective yards). Can go into Unmarked Grave and spend 1 Vitae per feature to change these later.

Protean 3 – Beast’s Skin
Cost: 2 Vitae
Dice Pool: None
Action: Instant
Duration: Indefinite
Take the form of predatory animals Size 1-7 after feeding on one of its kind and then spending one day and night in Unmarked Grave. You can keep up to 3 (Protean dots) forms in your library at a time. Take on the animal’s Physical Attributes, Skills, Size, Speed, Health, modes of transport and abiltiies, etc. Can use Disciplines. Usual banes still apply.

Resilience 1
Cost: None OR 1 Vitae per effect
Dice Pool: None
Action: None (persistent) or Instant (active)
Duration: Permanent (persistent) or one action (active)
Persistent – add dots to Stamina, can raise above normal BP limits. When you take agg damage, downgrade points = Resilience dots to lethal. Applies to everything but sunlight.
Active – can spend 1 Vitae on each effect, each one can be used only once per turn. Can do both simultaneously for 2 Vitae.

  • Subtract 2 (Res + 1) from all non-bane sources of damage; basically armor. All superficial wounds can be healed for 1 Vitae when you next sleep.
  • Subtract 1 (Res) from all bane sources of damage except sunlight; basically bane armor. Same as above.

Coils – Mystery of the Wyrm
Stir the Beast
Spend 1WP to voluntarily enter frenzy, choosing target/goal ahead of time. Rolls to escape frenzy before objective is reached are at – 2. Frenzy ends when original goal is no longer possible or pressing. Using this is a reflexive action—you can use it to avoid involuntary frenzy.

Bloodhound 2 (only need to smell blood to use Kindred senses to detect blood, track by it or pick out details)
Atrocious 1 (gain 8-again to invoke monstrous Beast; lose 10-again quality to invoke other Beasts)
Safe Place 2 (small apartment, cheap because it has few windows, owns a German shepherd named Ringo)
Resources 1
Acute Senses 1 (double distance and accuracy of sight, smell and hearing; taste and touch are twice as sensitive; can perfectly identify a sensory stimulus she’s had before; add BP to any roll to us senses, including remembering sensory details; gain Obsession that lasts for nights = successes when you get exceptional success)
Fast Reflexes 3 (+3 Init)

none currently

Unarmed: 8 dice – Def (9 w/ unfavorable odds); + 0B (or + 1L with Claws)

Current Beats: 0

Current Experiences: 2

Earned Beats: through session 10 (end of act 1)

Experience expenditures
Blood Potency 2 [5XP] (starting XP)
Strength 4 [4XP]
Protean 3 [3XP]


Age: 59 (Embraced at 22)
Mask: Rebel – Gain 1 WP when you openly flout a tradition; gain all WP when you openly flout a Kindred Tradition or covenant taboo
Dirge: Companion – Gain 1 WP when you forge a close relationship; gain all WP when you put yourself in danger to keep a relationship regardless of social boundaries or taboos.

Clan: Gangrel
Covenant: Ordo Dracul (mentor: Vivian)

Aspirations: Find out who sired her; experience Blood Sympathy for the first time; take the oath to join the Sworn of the Axe

Originally Debbie Blackwood, she grew up in England in the 60s, loved music and playing hockey, and dreamed of making it big like the Beatles someday. At 22 years old, instead of going to college she booked a ticket to America with the goal of making a name for herself in the Big Apple, but it all took a turn for the macabre when she woke up one night in a shitty motel room after getting too drunk to remember how she’d gotten there (as far as she knows, anyway)…and discovered she wasn’t quite human anymore.

It didn’t take long for the local vampire government to notice someone unknown and not very careful hunting on their territory, so they sent someone to pick her up and educate her about the ways of the Kindred. it was then that she changed her name to Nova. She ended up declining to join any of the covenants, content for a while with becoming mildly popular with the late-night folk-rock crowd and hiring herself out as a merc to handle jobs for the city’s varied supernatural populations wherever muscle or speed was needed. She kept an eye out for hints as to who her sire might have been, but never found anything.

Before she’d had a chance to give much thought to moving up in the world or doing something more useful with her unlife, a powerful mind-reading witch went on the offensive against the Giovanni and ended up purging vampires from the city altogether. For hundreds of miles around NYC, the cities’ vampires threatened Final Death for any outsider Kindred trespassing on their territory, wanting to keep out any fleeing Giovanni to avoid coming into conflict with the witch and his people. As a result, Nova ended up heading all the way to Memphis before those threats petered out.

Nova Blackwood

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