Philip Caldwell

Reverend of Christ Missionary Baptist Church


Rev. Phil Caldwell’s been the preacher at Christ M.B. Church for almost five years now, with other churches in the Memphis area on his resume before that.

In his congregation and in the local community, Phil is well-respected. He spends most of his time off the pulpit doing community service, volunteering at the local faith-based soup kitchens and homeless shelters, as well as running a program offering athletics and tutoring activities for at-risk teens. He is married as well, though in spite of their efforts, the couple has no children.

He’s also a lifelong and close personal friend of private investigator Sandy Bennett. Though the two men seem at a glance to have little in common these days, they grew up together in the poorer part of east Memphis and have kept their ties close even as life has pulled them in different directions.

Philip Caldwell

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