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  • Ted Northrop

    One of Young Explosive Corps. three full-time employees, Ted's 22 years old, and beyond comics, is big into guns and video cameras-- collecting obscure old pieces of kit and equipment, and understanding arcane facts about both are his primary hobbies. …

  • Philip Caldwell

    Rev. Phil Caldwell's been the preacher at Christ M.B. Church for almost five years now, with other churches in the Memphis area on his resume before that. In his congregation and in the local community, Phil is well-respected. He spends most of his …

  • Kenya Caldwell

    [[:philip-caldwell | Phil Caldwell]]'s wife, and a math teacher at Melrose High School in the Orange Mound district of Memphis. She, Phil, and Sandy Bennett go way back-- she married him shortly after he graduated from seminary, and all three went to …

  • Coulter

    Head of Field Projects for the Memphis division of Cheiron Group, Inc. A ruthless and efficient Human Resources manager, who's left more than a bit of his humanity on the operating table over the years.