Tag: Memphis Consilium


  • Ahriman

    Somewhere in his 40s, Ahriman is an Obrimos, a Libra, and enjoys long walks on the beach and what he calls "pursuit of the perfect mystical state of freedom." He is hierarch of the Memphis Consilium - a position he's held since 2008 - mostly by default …

  • Herod

    An Adamantine Arrow - one of only a handful of four or five, all of whom serve as "deputies" in the city - Herod has been the Sentinel of the Memphis Consilium for nearly six years now. Has a reputation for stalking people.

  • Lamia

    Lamia awakened in London in the British Isles in the 1960s, and spent most of her life as a mage within the confines of that consilium, doing her work with the local Mysterium and the political circles of the ancient city. After attaining a mastery of …