Act 2 – The Broken and the Lost

The Four Horsemen have come to Memphis, and declared the broken city their own, promising only woe for any who dare to remain.

The Clockwork murders have come to an end, replaced by an ever-escalating scale of violence. Millington burned at the end of July, killing hundreds. Tainted waters killed others— and worse seems to come each week.

And now people are whispering to one another that Clockwork was never a serial killer— it’s an idea. A movement. A blazing pyre that heralds the end of a corrupt and broken civilization.

And others have begun to fly that banner as their own.

Act I – Blood and Gin

Memphis Tennessee in the year 2016. From Graceland to the Mississippi River, from Main Street board rooms to Beale Street blues lounges, from the endless yards of shipping freight, this is a city lit by neon and stained with exhaust smoke.

And it’s become a dangerous place for people like you. Over the past few months, a serial killer’s made headlines in the news, with bodies turning up every week with brutal wounds, displayed in public places. The human police have no real leads— there’s seemingly no ties between most of the victims. But there’s a piece of the puzzle they’re missing, a piece only someone like you could know —

Every one of the victims has been a little more, or a little less, than human. Werewolves, mages, and other beings strange, rare, and powerful are being targeted.

You need to know why.