What Fades Away

[V.O. Nova] 2

God, when is this gonna end? Never felt the Beast this restless for this long before. So here I am, out on the prowl again even though Summer just opened her veins for me four hours ago. It wasn’t enough.

Will it ever be enough?

Anyway. Guess who’s Ordo Dracul now? That’s right, there’s a new girl in town and she’s solving mysteries left, right and sideways. Though I guess the Prince really didn’t give two shits about what I found out, except the parts that gave the Carthians a leg up. Bet you five quid he doesn’t remember anything I said after Markus killed some girl. Not even that I got a name for what’s probably a hunter, who’s gonna be on my arse now if he finds anything out about Private McDickFace. Everly put the cops off the trail, but that’s not gonna stop a hunter. Guess I’ll have to find and eat him myself.

Never really thought much about what those Dracul types got up to back in New York. But it sounds pretty brilliant. Sussing out how to be like the biggest of the bads who ever was? Dunno what they’ll want me to do, maybe I can break into museums and nab ancient treasures or something.

Time to go hunt down a homeless bloke or three, fill up the tank, then go home and put all these broken ribs back where they belong. I feel knackered and all pent up at the same time, something’s gotta give.



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