Hierarch of The New York Consilium


Alastor was born into a bad family, you could say. He was raised among the Giovanni vampires, trained as a mafia hitman, and was well on the road to losing his soul and becoming embraced— but something extraordinary happened instead. He Awakened.

A lot of bad shit happened after that, but at the end of the day, Alastor transcended it, holding the world together and trying to make it a better place. Hard to say whether he succeeded or not, but his efforts were definitely recognized— when he was elected Hierarch of the New York Consilium, he was the youngest in its history, and one of the youngest Pentacle hierarchs in the world.

At some point in late 2015, a spell gone awry following a meeting with one of the Four Horsemen left him stranded in the Inferno— but he wasn’t missed, replaced in his day to day life by an Abyssal doppelganger.


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